Caribbean Soul (formerly Soule)

Come Taste the Flavor of Caribbean Soul!

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 Escovitch King Fish

Located at 920 Fulton Street in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn, Caribbean Soul serves a delicious combination of Caribbean and Soul food and possesses an elegant ambiance that attracts patrons from afar.

"The first thing to come to the table is hot corn muffins with warm pineapple coconut sauce (which is to die for)."

This delicious start serves to heighten the anticipation for the actual entree, but don't let your eagerness deter you from experiencing the savory Crab Cake with Remoulade appetizer, or better yet, the Sampler Platter, which includes sweet BBQ Wings, spicy Jerk Wings, Codfish Cakes, and Catfish Strips, bursting with flavor.

With an extensive menu that features tender Blackened Salmon, sweet Coconut Shrimp with Apricot Duck Sauce and other exotic faire, Soule is clearly a diamond in the rough that is emerging as a clear gem.

Come taste the flavor of Caribbean Soul!