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Come Taste the Flavor of Caribbean Soul!

Holiday Catering by Soule

Caribbean Soulʹs elegant ambiance and delicious Caribbean‐Soul combination is the ideal way to celebrate the holidays!

Weʹre now offering holiday catering packages to suit every budget, whether your preference is for a casual buffet‐style layout or more elegant cocktail party, our in‐house catering associate is here to meet your every need.

In addition to a warm, festive ambiance, Caribbean Soul has expanded our holiday menu to feature exotic dishes that are traditional holiday fare in the islands, including Caribbean rum cake, sorrel wine with a hint of ginger, and savory pastelles cooked in banana leaves.

Discount packages for off‐premises catering are also available; please contact Nichole Mayers at for further information.

Taste the flavor of Caribbean Soul this holiday season!




Most Caribbean countries have their version of eggnog. Puerto Rico has Coquito, the Dominican Republic has Ponché.

The Trinidadian version is called Ponche‐de‐Crème, and is a thick, creamy concoction, made with Black Label Rum and... well, we canʹt give everything away!

Caribbean Soulʹs version is rum‐free, but youʹre welcome to add your own!

Try with our delicious Black Cake and Pastelles, or as an after‐dinner cocktail.

We guarantee, it’s a sure‐fire way to get the holiday spirit!

Ponche‐de‐Crème will be available at Caribbean Soul for a limited time this holiday season.

Taste the flavor of Caribbean Soul this holiday season!


                 Caribbean Soul's Holiday Wine & Beer Menu

The basic drink package includes Chardonnay, Merlot, and your selection of beer. Specialty drinks can be added for an additional charge.

Clove & Nutmeg Mulled Wine

Spiced Cabernet Sauvignon sweetened with brown sugar

Orange Anise Mulled Wine

Shiraz with a touch of orange juice and spiced with Anise


Mango‐Peach White Wine Sangria

Sweet mangos and peaches seeped in sparkling white wine


Red Caribbean Sangria

Sweet Rosé wine with mango and pineapple Caribbean flavor


Holiday Sorrel Wine

Traditional in the Caribbean, flavored with ginger and cloves


* Drink packages are available for private parties only. Two weeks advance notice is required.

Spicy Mulled Wine

The word mulled literally means heated and spiced. Mulled Wines are traditional primarily in countries with cooler climates. During the holidays they lend to a more festive atmosphere.

Mulled Wine recipes are as varied as Sangria. Caribbean Soul will offer two options for mulled wine over the holiday season: A white wine version made with Cabernet Sauvignon spiced with cloves, cinnamon and brown sugar, and a red wine version made with Shiraz and spiced with cinnamon, anise and orange.

Our catering consultant can offer you a taste during your consultation to help you decide your favorite. Call Nichole at 515-BK-SOULE to schedule an appointment.

Holiday Catering at Caribbean Soul

With our delicious combination of Caribbean and Soul food and elegant ambiance that attracts patrons from afar, Caribbean Soul Restaurant is an ideal location for your company’s Holiday Party!

Our savory crab cake with remoulade appetizer is an ideal start for any holiday catering package. For more variety, you may prefer the Sampler Platter, which includes sweet BBQ wings, spicy jerk wings, codfish cakes, and catfish strips, bursting with flavor.

You can also start your festivities the Caribbean way, with pastelles; spicy ground beef or turkey in a thin cornmeal crust and steamed in banana leaves.

For the main entree, our catering menu includes a wide variety of options, including spicy jerk chicken, exotic teriyaki shrimp, coconut curry salmon, or peppery curry goat. For a limited time, roast turkey is also available. A holiday dessert will also be announced shortly.

For the holiday season, we are offering specialty wine drinks for in‐house catering only, (with two weeks advance notice).

Our specialty drinks include spicy sorrel wine, red Caribbean sangria, and spicy mulled wine! The specialty drink menu and holiday catering packages serve to contribute to our warm, festive atmosphere, while remaining well within your budget.

Whether your preference is for a buffet‐style catering layout or a more formal cocktail party style with appetizers served while your guests mingle, Soule is ready to serve your every catering need this holiday season!

For further information, please contact, or you can schedule a personal consultation and tasting with our Catering Associate, Nichole at 515-BK SOULE.

Come taste the flavor of Caribbean Soul!

Rum Cake...  Intoxicating!

…Okay, maybe not, but the fragrant scent of fruits soaked in rum is like no other!

Rum Cake (or Black Cake) is traditional in the West Indian community for special events, including weddings, birthdays, christenings, and always on Christmas.

Unlike American fruit cakes, theyʹre customarily soaked in dark rum; a good way to guarantee that it wonʹt be re‐gifted!

Black cake (absent the rum... but still delicious!) will be available for a limited time this holiday season at Caribbean Soul!

Trinidadian Pastelles

Pastelles are traditional in Trinidad & Tobago during the holiday season, but are enjoyed all year long. A Spanish dish not common to many Caribbean cultures, this delicious appetizer was bought to Trinidad by neighboring Venezuelans. (Venezuela lies just 7 miles off the coast of Trinidad.)

Made with savory ground beef or turkey and seasoned with a myriad of spices, raisins and olives for a sweet and sour contrast, Pastelles are encased in a cornmeal crust and steamed in banana leaves.

They may appear to be unusually exotic, but their taste is definitely not one that must be acquired.

Pastelles are delicious and virtually irresistible!

Caribbean Soul's Signature Winter Sangria


The drink Sangria originated in Spain and was made popular in the U.S. at the 1964 Worldʹs Fair. Although traditional Spanish Sangria consists of red wine, brandy, and fruit, the variety of styles and flavors are almost infinite!

Although named in Spain, the actual drink has been around for centuries. In fact, it was the focal point for most European parties for centuries, prepared in a punch bowl and served with a ladle.

The beauty of Sangria is that the recipes can be modified for any occasion. Citrus Sangria is popular during hot, sunny days, while red with dark berries are perfect for a wintry celebration.

Sangria can be made in any number of styles from spicy to mild to rich to bubbly; with red wine, white wine, and even sparkling wine. The perfect addition to every celebration that is loved by just about everyone!



A Holiday Party at Soule!

The wind chaffed her face in the short walk from the subway to the restaurant.


She opened the door to Soulé and the warmth was welcoming, intensified by the festive décor and the friendly young lady who greeted her.

She had selected the cocktail party preclude to her company’s holiday dinner, and a selection of drinks awaited her. Surveying the selection, she wavered between a glass of warm mulled wine, spicy sorrel wine, or fruity white sangria.

“Have some mulled wine to warm you,” advised her hostess, and she readily agreed, taking a sip and feeling the heat permeate her core. Her face flushed, as she turned to assess the layout for dinner; two long tables on either side, with red candle centerpieces circled with poinsettias, wine glasses at every place setting, and an elegant buffet table at one end of the room.

Her coworkers had already begun to arrive and were sipping cocktails and sampling the hor d’ourves readily available at the buffet table. She helped herself to a pastelle, amazed at its unique flavor.

She smiled, pleased with herself; the entire dinner, including cocktail hour and hor d’ourves, and she had remained well within her company’s budget.

The night was already proving to be amazing!



  • "My girlfriend and I visited Soule yesterday. I have been dying to get to this place and the opportunity finally arose. She had the crablegs for appetizers she said they were..."
    Worth the trip
  • "My girlfriend and I visited Soule yesterday. I have been dying to get to this place and the opportunity finally arose. She had the crablegs for appetizers she said they were..."
    Worth the trip

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